Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cold and more cold

We continue to be frustrated here at Green Cove Springs.  Jim got his rebuilt engine running today.  There is a part of the transmission that is designed to absorb the initial shock of shifting in and out of gear.  It was a bit worn so Jim ordered a new part.  Just before closing the Perkins Dealer called and said the part was in.  Jim went to pick it up, brought it back, and though superficially the same it is different.  So he called them and they told him they might be able to get the part by next Wednesday.  So it looks like he is stuck here and I will hang around in the Jacksonville area until Hobo II is back in the water and ready to go.

My refrigerator part should arrive tomorrow and unless we discover something else missing or wrong I should have a working refrigerator by tomorrow night.  This is a very expensive and unexpected repair but I can't live on a boat without refrigeration.  Ice is very hard to come by when you live at anchor most of the time.

I spent today revising the propane heater feed lines.  I had jury rigged them when I was in Newfoundland.  I got the lines run in the proper places but the safety solenoid is on recall so I can't do the full installation until I can get an proper solenoid.  But at least I can get heat when away from the dock.  Given the NOAA forecast for the next few days - lows in the 30's and highs in the 50's this is a good thing.

I continue to be without hot water as I wait for my second replacement fresh water pump.  After the first failed I did install a manual pump bypass so I can get water to rinse my hands or make coffee but to wash up the dishes I have to boil water on the stove.  And a shower is out of the question.  At least being here at the marina I can use their shower.  Since it is shared by a lot of people I have taken to showing between 2AM and 4AM.  Even then I sometimes meet people waiting to shower or using the shower.

Jim and I were depressed when we realized that we have been here so long that we both want to do another load of laundry.  We both did laundry when we first got in (me, you may remember for 4 hours.)  We have been stuck here so long we both have a load or two to do.  And it looks like even if the part for Jim's boat arrives on Tuesday we will be here for the better part of next week.

Since we have been running around for parts we have rented a car on and off and have used it to sample some of the local inexpensive restaurants.  They are certainly better than my cooking.

More to follow tomorrow.  Good night.

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