Thursday, December 30, 2010

Turquoise water at last!

I passed Miami this morning after a very long night of rocking and rolling in very short period beam seas. As usual when passing Port Everglades I was asked to alter course to avoid a cruise ship. These guys are three or four miles out in the ocean and act like they are in the channel. Such a pain in the neck.

I am heading down the Hawk Channel to Boca Chica Key. The waves have dropped in half behind the reef. But more important the water has turned from slate grey to that wonderful turquoise color associated with the Caribbean. Joy, oh Joy. The water temperature has actually dropped about 5 degrees F as I am moving away from the influence of the Gulf Stream but I will take 65 degrees with 75 degree air over what I have been experiencing for the last it seems several weeks.

Happy New Year.

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