Friday, February 8, 2008

A Freshening Breeze

As promised I headed down to Inner Harbor and spent some time chatting with Aaron Kelly, the owner. It was an exciting and fun experience. First – the store: It is nicely laid out with some interesting gear that I have not seen at the local West Marine. Aaron has signed onto the LED light evolution with a nice assortment of lights to replace those amp burning incandescent bulbs. I also liked the Walker Bay Genesis Rib he had on display. It is just the thing for tooling around the marina and the “Inner Harbor!” You can get a look at the product line at . I could go on about the store but the real story is Aaron himself. Aaron is not content to be just another face on the marine scene in Milwaukee but someone who wants to change the entire face of the game. He sees the Milwaukee waterfront as his playground and the Inner Harbor Marine store as just the first of many ventures that will be unfolding over the next few months. He is introducing the fractional boat ownership concept here in Milwaukee (powerboats, not sailboats – we will have to work on him about that!) and will also be expanding the marine service business beyond the concierge service we have mentioned in a previous blog to include more boat maintenance offerings. So stay tuned – a new breeze is blowing through Milwaukee Harbor - Aaron Kelly. More to follow!

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