Thursday, February 21, 2008

Milwaukee Air Show

OK. Here is a big rub for me. A local group is trying to bring the air show back to Milwaukee this summer. My information is that they have a firm commitment from the Thunderbirds to appear at the show which is tentatively scheduled for July 12th and 13th. According to my sources what is up in the air (boy that was an unintended and bad pun!) is financial sponsorship.

Great - right? It all depends on how you see it. The problem is that an Air Show makes it difficult or impossible for other users of the marina and outer harbor (for example the charter fishing boats and the sailing classes) to use the waters not only for the two days of the air show but also for the two "practice" days before the show. While not opposed to the Air Show there is a group that would like to see the venue moved away from the McKinley Marina and Outer Harbor waterfront.

Why is it a rub for me? Three reasons:
  1. I really like airshows
  2. I really like sailing
  3. I will be racing Reboot in Lake Huron that weekend, so I don't really have a personal stake in the outcome.
What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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