Thursday, February 7, 2008

Inner Harbor Marine - Milwaukee WI (Update 1)

You may remember our post about the new Marine Store and Marine Service organization here in Milwaukee. The link is: Aaron, the managing partner has just posted a nice set of comments about my original post and you can read them if you follow the link above. In addition to motivating me to stop by the store in the very near future and provide a more comprehensive review I make the following observations: 1. Location via car. I don't particularly find that location convenient. I don't particularly find driving to West Marine convenient either. I note that Southwind has a mini-store at McKinley where I keep my boat. That would be convenient if the stock was stuff I needed. 2. Location via boat. I think it is really neat that Inner Harbor has two slips. I hope they are big enough and wide enough to make landing a 42' sailboat easy. That would not be a true statement for most of the slips along the Milwaukee River - they are far too short. 3. I am delighted that the boat concerage service seems well received. I had wondered if this was a viable business. My motiviation was to put my then teenage sons to work doing it. I am happy for Aaron that he has signed up 16 boats. We will have to see how both Aaron and his clients feel about the service at the end of the season.

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