Friday, February 8, 2008

Lakeshore State Park

If you spend time on the waterfront, in particular if you spend time near Pier Wisconsin, you may have noticed new boat slips south of the pier in the direction of the Summerfest grounds. I spent some time at the very end of last season in one of the slips aboard ISA, a Bruce Roberts Offshore 44 cutter rigged sailboat owned by my friend Pat Wilborn of Port Washington. (A quick plug here for Pat, he also has a nice sail loft – Sail Away Sails - and is a great guy to go to for sail repairs. You can reach him at Tell him I sent you!) So as I was researching my post on the new water taxi service I needed to know – exactly who owns the new slips and how does one reserve them? The slips are part of the latest state park in Wisconsin – Lakeshore State Park. The DNR has a nice web site about the park at Lakeshore is the newly renovated island on the north side of the festival grounds. In addition to providing slips it includes a multi-use trail that hooks up with the Hank Aaron State Trail and the Oak Leaf Trail. It will also provide improved access to local fishermen.

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