Monday, February 11, 2008

Water Taxi Update

I stopped down at Inner Harbor for an update on the water taxi project and came away even more excited. I can’t share all the details yet (some of them are still being worked out I would guess) but here is the latest scoop – not one, but two routes. Route 1 will be the “Blue Route” (I just named it, so don’t be surprised if it gets a different name) as it will be doing a loop in the outer harbor – the closest thing we have to blue water. (If you have ever seen my license plate you will know my love of Blue Water!) It will cycle from South Shore Yacht Club to the Lake Express Ferry Dock to the dock on the Milwaukee River behind Inner Harbor (near the south end of the festival grounds) then up to Pier Wisconsin (at Discovery World –near the north end of the Festival Grounds) then on to the Milwaukee Yacht Club/McKinley Marina. Route 2 will be the “Amber Route” (closest color I could get to beer and ale) and run from the Inner Harbor dock up the Milwaukee River as far up river as Laacke and Joys and the Edelweiss docks. Aaron mentioned the Amtrak Station and Post Office, they are up the Menominee River so I am not sure if the plan includes a trip up the Menominee. I have seen pictures of the boats Aaron intends to use on the “Amber Route” (they are really cool!) but don’t know if he has finalized them yet so you will have to wait before I can tell you any more about them. More to come so check back often!

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