Thursday, February 21, 2008

West Marine Yacht Club Day - 76th Street Store

This Saturday, February 23rd is “Yacht Club Day” at the West Marine store on 76th street in Milwaukee.

Here is how it works. The store is open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Come in and register your name and yacht club affiliation for a chance at the door prizes and to get the yacht club discount. In addition there will be munchies!

There will be one grand prize of a inflatable PFD. For each yacht club represented there will be a first prize of a 3rd Reef jacket and a second prize of a fleece blanket.

In addition there is an across the board 5% discount on electronics and a 10% discount on everything else.

Kip and Trevor also ask you to come in to tell them about what you think of the new store layout and inventory. They have rearranged the store and added a lot of new inventory to better match the needs of the sailing and boating community in Milwaukee. They are actively looking for your feedback.

The best news is that Trevor tells me that he has spent the last week and a half doing prices changes in the store and that in every case he has reduced prices. For example, today he dropped the price of an 6 hp 4 stroke Mercury outboard by over $200!

[Full disclosure – my son Trevor is an Assistant Manager at the 76th street store.]

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