Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting Ready To Move Again

After a very pleasant week plus here in JEB Little Creek it is time to cycle up to move again.  The weather has turned cold reminding me that if I want to go up the Chesapeake Bay I better get off my butt and get it done.  So today is devoted to getting Reboot seaworthy again.  This is the process of getting everything that is lying around strapped back down or put away so that it does not go flying around the boat when Reboot goes bounding thru the waves.

I am hoping that my care package from Trevor (full of my purchases from West Marine) will arrive as scheduled today.  I was hoping for my autopilot control head, but Ace has not called so I presume he has not seen it yet in Ridgewood.  I can hand steer for short stints up the Bay so perhaps I will have it catch up with me at Annapolis or Pawtuxet River.

It’s also time to start doing some in depth reading about using the Intercostal Waterway (ICW.)  Since I single hand the boat I have to be prepared more than if I had crew on board.  For example, I have to leave the engine controls and helm to anchor the boat.  So the amount that Reboot might drift while I am getting the anchor down is important.  The ICW is known for shoaling and narrow channels.  I don’t want to drift onto a grounding situation while trying to tie up for the night.  I also need to figure out if I need to anchor bow and stern so that the boat can not swing in the current.

Tomorrow, presuming the package arrives today I will either head over to NOB Norfolk or up the Bay.  The weather is going to be rainy later in the week, it makes me think I may just go over to NOB and wait it out.  That way I might also get my autopilot control head back before I head up the Bay

Trevor has pointed out that I put the wrong telephone number for his store in my previous post (since corrected.)  The correct phone number is 847-831-0100.  Give them a call and they will find what you need.  Remember, they will also price match.

(In accordance with the new FTC guidelines I receive no compensation for advertising Trevor’s West Marine store.)


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