Friday, October 2, 2009

Wear and Tear

It is amazing the wear and tear a couple of months can have on a sailboat.  McKinley Marina in Milwaukee was a very calm and protected harbor.  In all the years of Reboot’s residence we never had to replace dock lines much less worry about damage to the hull.  All that has changed.

Today has been warm and clear in Little Creek and I have had the opportunity to check out Reboot for wear and damage.  It didn’t take long to find some.  So far, to give it some prospective:

  1. The luff and the foot of the jib have come completely unstitched.   The luff of the main is starting to come apart too.

  2. Two of the four fender whips (the ropes that hold up the fenders) have one of the three strands broken.

  3. Two of the dock lines are worn from the continuous wave action at Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club.

  4. I have found one major and several minor sections of damage to the gel coat from impacting the quay walls and locks in the Erie Canal.

  5. On a lesser note, the hose on the inflation pump of my inflatable has a hole in it.

Fortunately the local sail makers have come to my rescue and Jim of the local Doyle loft is going to stitch everything back together.  Of course Trevor will sell me whatever else I need.  (He will sell it to you too – just call the Highland Park West Marine store and ask for Roger’s son!  Tell them that his proud father sent you!  Did I mention the phone number is 847-831-0100?  Operators are standing by now.)

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