Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Autopilot Control Head!

It arrived – of course in New Jersey.  But Ace and Bill were up for an aviation boondoggle so they flew it down to me in Norfolk.  Of course this was supposed to be a visit but as the weather continued to deteriorate I got a “Hi, we have to leave, here is your mail and the box” and off they went back to Norfolk Airport. I got back to Reboot and opened the box.  I had been warned by Raymarine that this was a slightly different model then the one I had sent in, and mine was not repairable so they were going to replace it instead.  Slightly different meant that the wire pigtails that were attached to my old unit were not attached to the new unit.  Raymarine had changed the interconnect cables!  So of course I could not hook this one up to see if it worked.


This morning I called Trident, the local Raymarine repair shop.  Joy of joys he had the parts I needed to hook up the new control head.  Of course it is raining cats and dogs here and the control head is out in the cockpit so I am deferring the test until the rain stops.


It is getting cooler here every day and I realized that if I headed up the Chesapeake Bay I would delay my departure South by at least two weeks.  Since installing the heater became a lower priority once I decided not to visit PEI and Nova Scotia this fall, and since the shore power heater is not working for lack of a circulating pump it can get a bit chilly on Reboot.  I expect to leave in the next few days and start my trek south toward Key West down the ICW.

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