Thursday, October 8, 2009

The little things

Off to the clinic today to get a flu shot – no joy, they were out of vaccine.  Then on to the PX.  Joy of joys I purchased new pillows and pillow covers.  For those who have been on Reboot in the past few weeks you can imagine how pleased I was to deep six the old ones.  I also got a small saucepan so I can now heat soup and pasta sauce in something less then a 5 quart pot.

I got the sails bent back on this afternoon in preparation for relocation this weekend.  I think I will be going over to Naval Operating Base Norfolk but I am not sure.  Raymarine still (after a month) has not started work on repairing my autopilot, it appears you need to call and ask them on a frequent basis when it will be ready or it can get pushed down in the queue by those who are calling and complaining.  I am not pleased with their level of customer service.  It is very difficult to single hand without the autopilot, possible of course but more difficult.  I am running out of transient time in Little Creek and without a firm date to receive the repaired autopilot I don’t feel comfortable pleading my case to stay a few more days.


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