Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nofolk to Deep Creek Bridge via the Dismal Swamp Route

I left Norfolk Naval Base mid-morning to head down the ICW.  Wind was out of the North and had been sustained enough for the waves to build.  As forecast the wind clocked around as I was heading down along the piers and the sun was a welcome sight after three days of wind, overcast, and rain.


Securite – Securete – Securete …

They do it differently down here!  It is followed (sometimes) by “This it the Coast Guard vessel “name” escorting a Navy Submarine.  Please maintain a 1000 yard security zone around the submarine.  The use of force, including deadly force is authorized.”  Then they call out ships (including the big container guys) and tell them what to do – stop, turn, go backwards.  It is a far cry from the tour boats in the Milwaukee River announcing their intentions.


I am headed south along the ICW using the Dismal Swamp Route.  Like the Erie Canal it is tedious.  The channel is narrow and shoals often so you have to pay attention.  Unlike the Erie Canal I have found myself with boats (“snowbirds”) ahead and behind me all the way.


I stopped around 4 pm in the little town of Deep Creek for the night.  I am tied up just below the Route 17 Bridge. It seems I can’t get away from Route 17.


A sundowner and a quiet night ahead.


Photos on the Rebootracing pages of Facebook


Trivia item:  Today I passed the USS Wisconsin (BB-64) memorial.  I have been a resident of every state that had an Iowa class battleship named for it:  Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, and Wisconsin.  I am glad World War II ended or I might have to move again1

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