Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chicago - Mac Bayview Mac MSR Posted

Kudos to the Chicago and Bayview folks who jointly pubished the "Monohull Safety Regulations" for both the Chicago - Mackinac and the Bayview - Mackinac race. They did managed to maintain the distinction - the Bayview still requires a life raft, the Chicago either a life raft or a GPIRB but other than that the regulations are the same. You can pick up your copy either a the Bayview or Chicago Yacht Club web sites. They are: We are registered and pumped for both races

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  1. We (Bayview and Chicago) Race Committees have worked really hard on the MSR over the last few years to make them as close to being the same as possible. We have finally made it happen. These are two great races and the RCs have been doing a great job in cooperating with each other to promote the events and make them the best for the competitors. Kudos to them and the Clubs for recognizing their synergy.

    Luiz Kahl
    Race Chairman
    2005 Bayview Mackinac