Saturday, March 29, 2008

North Chicago Naval Station

View Larger Map OK - that is what the signs on Interstate 94 say. But everyone in the Navy knows it as "Great Lakes." On the way back from Crowley's Ed and I stopped by. I needed a replacement sticker for my windshield (the last one went when the windshield was hit by a rock and spider webbed.) While we were there we filled up on gas (actually, it was the third fill up of the day.) We bought $10 in Chicago at $3.74 per gal, then again $10 in Chicago at $3.68 per gal. At Great Lakes it was only $3.32 per gallon. We are paying $3.27 in Milwaukee so it was not that bad. Brad told us that Chicago now has a 10.5% sales tax, the highest in the nation, and that is why gas is so expensive. Anyway, after putting out the "low fuel" light for the third time we went to find the MWR (morale, welfare and recreation) run marina. I had been there once before about 7 years ago and had taken away that it was in pretty rough shape. Well, it still is. But wait, there is a $13 million renovation underway so it will be brought back up to a reasonable state in the near future. So we look forward to at least stopping by and seeing it after they are done. Perhaps an overnight on the seawall. The picture above is the marina. Great fun to play at being back in the Navy!

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