Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yellow Submarine - The Contest

From Laura Livermore - head designer - the following report:

From mere bits of paper, pieces of wood, some chicken wire and alot of enthusiasm...
we gave birth to a gigantic yellow submarine.

We launched her on society last night in style. Complete with a bottle of rum and a saucy mermaid :)
The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center's "Sailor's Ball" took place last night at the Italian Community Center. Over 300 people attended, hundreds of auction items, and of course, the contest for the best decorated pram.

We picked our pram location very carefully.....right next to the bar of course! Our submarine looked fantastic! it was our first time seeing her fully assembled (too big for our living room!). I think she ended up over 14 feet long, and about 10 feet high at the top of the tallest periscope. though you couldn't here it over the band, we hid a boom box playing a loop of "yellow submarine" inside the the port hole. i guess you could "feel" the music.

She got ooooohed and aaaaahhhed over. lavished with many compliments. and certainly had her picture taken many, many times.

The competition was fierce. I know alot of our team thought we had a "slam/dunk", but the MCSC Capital Campaign people came in with an amazing entry. they created a fantastic red dragon that literally came off the painted sail. the votes were tallied, and actually recounted a couple of times. It was so close between us and them. come to find out, only 3 votes between us.
we got a respectable 2nd place... and yes, we GOT THE T-SHIRTS. some say far better than the goofy hats they got for first place.

I also know for a fact that we had way more fun putting it all together. we had a great time. what a wonderful experience. sure made this winter alot more tolerable. there's something really satisfying about working together for a common goal. lot's of stories and lot's of laughs.
wait 'til you hear some of the suggestions for future yellow submarine voyages... review of the fleet for SSYC among them...

Thanks so much for joining us on this silly adventure. it way a joy.

Laura Livermore

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