Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yacht-a-palooza at Crowley's

From Crowley's "Come join the crew of Crowley's Yacht Yard for our annual event -Yacht-a-palooza. This year we are having a lu'au - pig roast and all -in addition to our usual schedule of seminars, vendors and sale in theShip's Store.This year's seminars will focus on money-saving do-it-yourselfworkshops, racing and cruising sail trim, boating safety, importantinformation for evey sailor to have and Lake Michigan stories.Vendors include North, UK and Quantum Sails, ACR, Mustang Survival,Ocean Kayaks, Columbia Yacht Club Sailing School and, of course, LakeMichigan Sail Racing Federation.Admission is free so grab your grass skirt and coconut bra and come spend the day with us. We're starting summer now!" Their web site is at:

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