Friday, November 5, 2010

And the rains came

I had hoped that once I got out of the Canadian Maritimes and the Northeast United States I would be greeted by better weather. It is true that the run from Norfolk down to New Bern was OK, but just OK. Crossing the Albemarle Sound and the Alligator, Pamlico and Neuse rivers wasn't great but they were OK. In fact the run down the Pungo river was quite pleasant.

This morning we shifted over from Town Creek (where I dragged last night) to the Morehead City side. The three (H2OBO, Hobo II, and Reboot are at the beginning of the Bogue Sound stretch of the Intracostal. As we came around the corner by the State Port Terminal we heard a "special marine alert" for the Bogue Sound inlet - basically - don't even think about trying to go thru it for a couple of days because the waves and wind are so bad. Nice. Then we have Tomas doing his thing down off Haiti. I thought that after Earl and Igor I had paid my dues for this season. I guess not.

It rained pretty much all afternoon which was OK since I was tired from being up last night waiting for Reboot to re-float. So XO and I took a nice nap. He was unusually cuddly, he always sleeps in my bed when I am there but today he tucked himself in my arms. A big ball of warm fur. It was nice.

We were thinking about heading down the inside tomorrow but we will first have to see what the weather brings. We would of course go down Bogue Sound and right past Bogue Inlet. Maybe not the best strategy.


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