Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sometimes it is a simple fix

While in New Bern I (with the help of Jim from Hobo II) installed a manual pump for fresh water in case the electric pump fails.  This upgrade was a direct result of the fact that the electric pump did fail while I was in Canada and I had no running drinking water for about three weeks.  When we finished the installation and tested it we then turned the fresh water electrical pump back on.  Guess what, it failed.  But further investigation determined that the fuse had blown.  We replaced it and the pump started working again.

The fuse is the type that are in your late model car.  It is difficult given where the pump is installed to check or pull the fuse.  When I went to Advance Auto Parts I discovered that they now make fuses with LED's built in.  When the fuse blows it glows to tell you it has blown.  Pretty neat idea, one I took advantage of.

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