Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Cove Springs Marina #2

The good news about Green Cove Springs Marina is that there is someone here who knows how to fix just about anything.  The bad news is they also know when it is not worth it to fix something.

Yesterday while getting engine parts with Jim for Hobo II I struck up a conversation with another customer.  It turned out that he is the local Yanmar (diesel engine) repair guy.  We were discussing the "sweet spot", the engine RPM that gives the best miles per gallon for the current conditions.  He told me that Flowscan made such a device and I asked him how much it cost.  He said he would get back to me, and the final answer was about $1,700.  Jim pointed out that I would have to burn an awful lot of fuel to recover the $1,700 cost so I put the idea to bed.  I also knew that no matter how cool I didn't have $1,700 to spend.

This morning the local marine refrigeration expert came down to look at two problems on Reboot:  the refrigerator and the air conditioning.  Short story, both units are sneakers up and need to be replaced. The cost for the refrigerator is about $1,200 and the air conditioning closer to $4,000.  I have to have a refrigerator so the new unit was ordered and hopefully will go in tomorrow.  I don't, however, have $4,000 to invest in a unit I use maybe once or twice a month,  I spent most of today removing the old air conditioner.  On the bright side I now have a bunch of storage space I did not have before.

In the interim I tried to clean the contacts on my remote VHF microphone up in the cockpit.  It has decided to stop working.  After cleaning the contacts it is still not working.  Such is the life of a live aboard.

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