Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why I hate streaming video and "Net Neutrality"

"Net Neutrality" is the concept (to paraphrase a Monty Python song) that "every packet is sacred."  The idea is that one can not introduce "Quality of Service" (QoS) controls to sort out the higher priority packets from the lower priority packets.  It seems there is a great conspiracy theory that companies that actually pay to run the routers and install and repair the wires that make the Internet work (think your local cable provider) would take advantage of companies that make lots of money free riding (think Google.)  Oh those EVIL corporations that didn't contribute enough to the politicians currently in office.  Shame, shame.

Actually everyone should demand QoS.  It doesn't matter if the packets for your web page arrive out of order but it really matters if your audio or video stream doesn't arrive in the correct order and on time.  QoS gives higher priority to the audio and video packets to help guarantee the "Quality of Service.)  However the law of unexpected consequences has now kicked in.  With so much streaming video and audio the routers can get flooded and the non-video users get the equivalent of a Denial of service attack.  Apparently one or more people at the marina must stream video because every once in a while my service becomes non-existent for a couple of hours.  Ughhhhhhhhh!

Now the problem is that the current powers that be love net neutrality.  So there is no point in spending money fixing the problem when a federal regulator could arbitrarily force you to remove all the code with a simple administrative rule.  So here I sit with no bandwidth.  I love our politicians.  Thank you (the as&(*holes) is silent!

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