Monday, November 15, 2010

Savannah Georgia #2

Our little task group (Hobo II, Water Hobo and Reboot) are casting off lines this morning to continue our journey south.  We spent a couple of nice days here in Savannah.  The dock is right on River Street (such clever naming) which is a big walking promenade filled with shops and restaurants.  Since we were here on the weekend it was quite crowded but the coolness of the evenings drove everyone off the streets by about 10 PM.

Jim, Branko, Maggie and I took a bus tour of the city on Sunday morning.  It was fun but given that it was Sunday most of the places we might have stopped and seen were closed until the afternoon.  Unfortunate.  Then Jim and I took the "Ghost Tour."  Savannah is quite proud of its ghosts, drunks, murderers and philanders.  At least the tour guide operators are.

Jim and I did meet some people on Friday night and ended up going to a dance club.  The band was dressed like ZZ Top.  When we first arrived I was put off by the music.but they were just finishing a set.  When they came back the music was very danceable (or I had consumed enough beverage.)  The crowd was mixed - everything from 20 somethings to we old people. ("Stand Up, Old People" as they say at Wisconsin.)  The gal that we had met before coming to the club and I went out on the floor.  Next thing I knew I had been dancing with a number of partners until bar time.  It was a very fun night.

It was a good time.  Since several of my friends have commented that they prefer Charleston to Savannah I guess I will have to give it a shot next time.  Unfortunately Charleston does not have the downtown dockage (except at great cost) like that available in Savannah.

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