Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yvonne Strahovski #4

It is Wednesday thus time once again to comment on my quest to have Miss Strahovski join me for diving and sailing in Mexico, Belize, and/or Guatemala this winter.  I am delighted to see that Miss Strahovski has taken to the water to further prepare for her duties as foredeck on Reboot. She has also become one of the most popular posts of all time on this blog. (The most popular, parenthetically, {and you know how much this author loves to speak parenthetically} is the Foncia Capsize blog entry.)  Now I admit that seeing a 60 foot trimaran go butt over teakettle is pretty exciting stuff, but guys, watching the destruction of a rich guy's toy vs looking at Miss Strahovski?  (There is something ironic in that statement, but it will remain unsaid {note the clever use of a parenthetical comment again.)}  The sad news is that no one from Miss Strahovski's entourage has yet to contact me.  Brian Herzlinger (My date with Drew - 2004) actually did a lot of work to get his date.  I on the other hand have been sailing, motoring the ICW, drinking, touring, and enjoying friends rather than working at getting my invitation to come have fun into the proper hands.  Perhaps I am leaving too much to the power of the Internet, Google search, and fate.  I will have to contemplate further over this evening's nightcap (or two.)

XO and I are at Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville FL.  It is a great place to watch the sun go down.  The city has done a nice job of decorative lighting on the bridges both up and down the St. John's River.  There is a pretty illuminated fountain across the way.  It is a bit far but of course we sailors have binoculars and XO has cat eye vision (as he is a cat!)

We transited down from Doboy Sound GA (Latitude: 31-23'40'' N Longitude: 081-17'54'' W) last night.  We had light following winds so we ended up motoring most of the way.  In addition to Hobo II and Water Hobo we picked up a new boat (from Toronto, Canada of course) Spice of Life.  Water Hobo peeled off at the St. John's River entrance to continue down to Daytona to meet friends.  I am here to provision at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville and most likely haul Reboot to check the bottom before proceeding down to Key West, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.  I also hope to see my ham radio friend Bill (KI4MMZ) who has been taking care of me via radio for over a year.  I am also still having problems with both my fresh water pump (the new one seized up after about 1/2 hour of operation) and my water maker (which once again only worked for about 2 gallons of production before going sneakers up.)  Hopefully I can get both sorted out before I continue.

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