Monday, November 29, 2010

Date Harvard Square

As a graduate of Harvard University I was invited to join a singles matching web site called Founded by two Harvard Business School (where else at Harvard?  Do you need to ask?) with the intended purpose of matching undergraduates, graduate students and alumni of Harvard and other "interested parties" it just came online in early November.  Since I met the screening criteria I decided what the heck, I might as well sign up and see what happens.

Imagine my surprise when I received a email announcing my first five matches.  As expected they were all intelligent and very accomplished.  What I did not expect is that they were, well, steaming hot!  They were, however, all in their late 20's or early 30's.  Now being male I can appreciate women of that age - in fact I can appreciate women of just about any (legal) age.  But I was immediately struck by two questions:

1.  Is there something in the water at Harvard that makes exceptionally beautiful, intelligent and accomplished young women crave to meet much older men?
2.  Why are these women on a matching site in the first place?

My answers:
1.  No, most likely not.  The sign up process has a minor flaw, they don't ask the age range of people you would like to be matched with when you sign up.
2.  I don't know.  Perhaps they are so accomplished and beautiful that they are a bit intimidating.  But I never met anyone at Harvard Business School that could be intimidated by anything.  This suggests that perhaps the young ladies will meet their match.

I then received an email from a physicist who was more my age.  She told me that with the exception of my profile all her matches had also been quite young.  I asked her if the word "cougar" appeared in her profile.

I post this as a public service to "interested parties."  There are some really beautiful and accomplished women out there looking to meet someone that sparks their interest.  Go for it!

PS.  When Spencer was looking at colleges we investigated Carnegie Mellon University.  It is one of the finest if not the finest Computer Science school in the nation.  It is also one of the best Fine Arts schools.  The interactions of computer science nerds and young art students are apparently legendary.  I mention this because all of my Harvard matches had fine arts backgrounds.  Maybe there is more to the answer to #1 then I perceived.

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