Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yvonne Strahovski #5 - Ken-Mar Dog Rescue - Rescue ME!

Well, my month is up.  Now it is true that I don't have to return a video camera within the time frame for the money back guarantee but one can only carry a quest so far.  After all, I have sailing, partying, diving and drinking to do.  (Not to mention the ever so frequent and unpopular boat repairs.)  I understand that things didn't quite work out for Brian during his 30 day quest either; he thought he had failed and then several months later Brook actually contacted him and they met for lunch.

I have discovered that Miss Strahovski is a supporter of the Ken-Mar Rescue organization in Los Angeles.  I presume that she has a soft spot for dogs, particularly those in need of rescue.  So I want Miss Strahovski to know that in addition to being a sailor (with all the faults that implies) my friends would tell you that I am a dog very much in the need of rescue!  This nom de plume goes all the way back to my high school days when Lou Christie's Lightening Strikes was voted the song that best described me!

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