Saturday, November 24, 2012

Atlantic Crossing Westbound, November 24, 2012

Noon Position:
N 22 37.963
W 026 01.640
C 220T S 5.0 Knots
2128 NM to go

We continue to have light winds. Running with the asymmetric at night is difficult even with the moon so we have accepted going a little slower and running on the jib. Most of the time we are at about 150 degrees relative so when Reboot rolls in the waves it keeps trying to gibe. We only made about 80 nautical miles yesterday, well off our expected pace of 120 NM per day. The GRIB files indicate that we should be getting some stronger winds in the next couple of days. I hope so.

The crew are amazing. They have learned Reboot quickly. With the light winds we are doing a lot of sail changes. I just say we are going to do a change and everyone grabs a task and gets it done. They also seem to like each other, frequently the watch stander will have a companion for conversation and company. In addition, (as a male I need to point out that) they cook great food and for the third day in a row they have caught a fish! We are eating well. I am actually concerned that I may gain weight on the passage.

Fair winds and following seas


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