Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Playing in Poo (3)

The saga continues. We continued to explore why the aft head fills with water even with the sea inlet closed. Obviously it is back flow from the hose to the tank.But the tank is empty. Well, no, it turns out that the tank is full - right to the brim. Surprise!

I spent some time on the Catalina 42 owners web site exploring this problem. It turns out that holding tanks not pumping completely out is not unique to Reboot. The plumbing is such that if the deck clean out is open the macerator pump pulls in a lot of air from the deck clean out and can't get a good suction on the tank. We had left the clean outs loose to make it easier to add water to clean the tank. So we closed them up tight and pumped the tank out. We will see if this helps.

Fair winds and following seas.

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