Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween shore side (Hurricane Sandy)

Ridgewood, New Jersey

Most cruisers have a shore side support system to receive mail and so forth. In my case it is my older brother Al and his wife of many years Sally. They live in Ridgewood, NJ north and west of New York City.

His Halloween report:


Here’s a different take on Halloween for your blog.  While you were partying in Tenerife, we were experiencing a different kind of evening.  Yes, the tree is resting on the house.  Yes, we have no power.  Yes, we will have no power for quite a long time.

 This storm came on the exact anniversary of a freak early season snowstorm last year that left us without power for three days.  Three days and counting, now.

 We do have a generator, but gasoline is tight because the power outages are very widespread and few stations have power.  We run to warm the house in the morning, shut down and then run at sundown to re-warm the house and provide light in the evening.  One neighbor has their fridge hooked up to our machine and another is running a space heater from it.  Lights on at 7:00, off at 10:30, on at 5:30, off at 9:30.

 Happy Halloween."

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