Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Atlantic Crossing Westbound, Wednesday November 21, 2012

Sixth day out.
Noon Position
N 23 47.656
W 021T 23.263
C 265 S 6.0 Knots

We have been plagued by light winds ever since leaving Tenerife. Last night the winds finally filled in and let us steer the course we want. We had a bit of rain last night. Having a full crew has resulted in many sail changes. We now use the asymmetric when the wind gets light. This has been keeping up our speed but does not help us when we are trying to go dead down wind.
It being winter the solar panels are not putting out anywhere near the charge that they do in the summertime, even as far south as we are. We have been in an energy conservation mode. Fortunately Reboot can sail with very minimal power – just enough to run the GPS to give us location, course and speed.
Temperature has been all over the place, from sun bathing to wrapped in coats against the wind. We are looking forward to the warmer climes further south.
Fair winds and following seas

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