Saturday, November 10, 2012

The float switch (again)

I have been working my way through Reboot's systems in preparation for our departure. Once again I checked the bilge. Unfortunately the float switch that Rob and I had repaired failed to work. Taking it apart we discovered that it had rusted to the point of failure. A walk to the boat store, 50 € and 1/2 hour in the bilge corrected the problem.

Fair winds and following seas.


  1. One regret I have about my Atlantic crossing was not carrying a complete in the box bilge pump spare. I wound up having to pull it apart twice in heavy seas. It would have been easier to just replace the whole unit and repair the old one at my leisure.

  2. I added a second complete bilge pump to Reboot before the first Atlantic crossing. If the water in the bilge gets too high the second bilge pump cuts in. We also have the normal manual emergency bilge pump. One way that I discovered the problem with the switch that was replaced was the second backup pump started to cycle.