Monday, November 19, 2012

Atlantic Crossing Westbound - Monday, November 19, 2012

Fourth day out – first post
Noon position
N 25 36.760
W 019 36.252
Made good 255 Nm on track, 2523 Nm to go (At departure 2778)
Crew: XO, Moira, Sarah, Jessica

We have been plagued by very light winds. We are about 100 Nm behind and 40 Nm East of our intended track. Wave action has kept Reboot rolling making it very hard to steer our intended course.

Our Marine Mammal spotter (Moira) has already spotted two pilot whales and possibly two sperm whales. We were visited last night by several pantropical spotted dolphins. They played around in our wake for a while. We were all delighted but I think Jess won the prize for being the happiest.

We are trolling but no luck yet. We took the old line off the trolling rig and replaced it with a new line. Of course it got all snarled up while we were trying to change it out. Great crew building exercise for about 1 hour until we got it all sorted out. Next time we will do it differently.

We have had good radio contact with Fred (W3ZU) and Bill (KI4MMZ.) The ham contest this weekend made it a bit difficult but we were able to file position reports.

We left the water maker behind somewhere on its grand tour of Europe. As we were pulling out of Santa Cruz de Tenerife we go a call that they might be able to deliver it by this coming Friday. I am glad we just bit the bullet and departed.

Fair winds and following seas

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