Sunday, November 25, 2012

Atlantic Crossing Westbound, November 25, 2012

Noon Position
N 21 32.260
W 027 23.834
C 240T S 5.0 Knots
2031 NM to go, 97 MN on track last 24 hours

We caught another fish today. Watching the three ladies (the crew) land it and clean it is a joy to behold. They don't even talk to each other. They have each worked out their role in the past three days. How cool is that?

Some light rain last night. Pretty strong winds and then they died for about 4 hours. Between the short days, the low arc of the sun, and the consistent overcast we have been on electricity rationing. This morning we ran the engine for 2 hours just to bring them back up into a comfortable operating range.

Jessica got to talk to her Mom and Dad last night, first by satellite phone and then by ham radio. I think they were all very excited. It was fun to just watch her glow in pleasure.

The weather is getting slowly warmer. With the warmth has come a lot of moisture, hence the clouds. It has gotten pretty sticky some pasts of the day. We still have at least another 180 NM to go South, I expect it will get warmer still.

Fair winds and following seas.


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  1. What great crew! So wonderful to have such interested, capable and fun partners in life's adventures. Are you still wearing that Burger King crown?