Thursday, June 21, 2012

10th Day Out

N 33 30.6
W 041 06.3
1. Winds have been relatively light all day. Also got the beautiful "red sky at night" at sunset. I am watching this carefully because Tropical Storm Chris is to my North and West. I an transiting the top of a high pressure area. Hopefully this will insulate me from the T.S. winds until Chris dissipates in the next couple of days. At this point I will head up to Horta in the Azores as the track to the Azores and to Kinsale Ireland are just about the same.
2. Most of today has been quiet but the Tropical Storm Chris low has created some confused wave trains. This may amaze some people but there are times underway when I wake up from a nap that I can't perceive any motion in the boat. It is as if we are actually on shore. It is one of the very weird things that happen while on these long transits. The contra is when Reboot is jerked around by confused seas and all I want to do is keep my back from breaking.
3. I keep loosing distance to tacking down wind (Reboot doesn't like the wind at 151 - 209 without a poled out jib which at the moment is not a option) and avoiding weather. I will recap exactly how much I have lost when I come into the Horta.
4. I am in "imagination land" (see South Park.) I am at that point in the Atlantic where the US radio stations are hard to contact and the European stations have not quite come on line yet. The good news is that my friends from the Maritime Mobile Service Net have the equipment and antennas to keep in touch.
Fair Winds and Following Seas.

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