Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3rd Day Out

32 52 N
057 20 W

1. Continue heading East per weather routers Herb (Southbound II) and Bill (KI4MMZ). Tough 24 hours with several squalls and rain. Wind gusts to 30 knots but most of the time wind from the west at 15 knots. Using (and learning) the Scanmar "Monitor" wind steering more and more. One thing I like is that when a squall hits the Monitor tends to just let Reboot head up into the wind to ride it out. With the Autohelm autopilot we would maintain course. This would often result in quite interesting angles of heal. The Monitor also demonstrates just how confused the winds are after the squall. I have had to learn to give it 30 minutes or so to go back to the original course. That is because the winds are still veering and backing all over the place just after the squall passes.
2. Have been downloading the weather faxes and am learning to read them. I have Steven and Linda Dashew's "Mariner's Weather Handbook." Between my weather routers, the book, the faxes and my local experiences I am starting to get a little more comfortable with weather forecasting. BTW I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who plans to go offshore in a boat.
3. Herb suggested today that he route me close to the Azores even though my destination is Ireland. He gave two reasons (a) The weather is much more varied on the Azores to Ireland route and I might want to pause in the Azores for a weather window and (b) the wind angles from the Azores to Ireland are much more favorable than taking the great circle route. Since he has been doing this for decades I figure it is good advice.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

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