Tuesday, June 19, 2012

9th Day Out

N 33 17
W 43 22

1. Don't know what I was thinking the other day but the proper coordinates for Horta (the port in the Azores) is 38 12 N 28 37.5 W. That is about 600 miles east of where I told you it was the other day.
2. Good communications with Herb today. Quite a major storm brewing Northwest of me. It looks like I may be South and East enough to miss at least some of the brunt of the storm. It should be a function of just reefing down and riding it out. I have experienced winds as forecast before while up in Newfoundland and St. Pierre. Still, does give one pause.
3. I will be continuing due East for the next three days. This will put the Great Circle route to Kinsdale just about thru the Azores so it looks like Horta is in my future.
4. Light winds all today, have not been making as much progress as in the previous couple of days. I should enjoy it while I have it as the winds will build quite a bit over the next three days.
5. An interesting experience is that of tranisiting time zones. After I talk to Herb each day I have my nominal "sundowner." "Nominal" because: a) "Sundowners are mean to be consumed at anchor while lying about the benefits of the cruising lifestyle and b) because they are intended to contain alcohol and c) for those who still have tobacco left it is a time to "light up." In any event, failing on points "A", "B", and "C" I am still in the habit of going up to the cockpit and consuming a beverage at this point. When I left the Florida coast it was broad daylight, now the sun is actually close to setting. And yet, UTC it is exactly the same time.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

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