Tuesday, June 26, 2012

... And a wake up

Noon Position - Monday 25 June 2012
N 37 06
W 029 55
108 NM to Horta, Azores

1. The last couple of days have been miserable weather. Yesterday I had winds in excess of 40 knots. I have experienced this before off Newfoundland but it doesn't make it easier or better. In addition I had a loose halyard that went bang bang bang bang bang for about 4 hours while the front passed. Another lesson to the wise, make sure everything is tied down and not able to bang. Of course I could have gone up on deck and secured it except (a) I was taking large quantities of green water over the deck - including waves that didn't break until they hit the deck and (b) I love myself too much to be that crazy. Eventually it did calm down and now I have light winds in the 7 to 10 knot range.
2. One thing that has kept me sane is my nightly radio contacts with Bill (KI4MMZ) and Fred (W3ZU.) Fred has also run telephone patches to Spencer and Trevor. It is quite a treat to hear their voices even though we rarely have anything earth shattering to say - for me "I love you and miss you" is all I need to say. (Which reminds me - Bill - would you please send me Fred's email address via Winlink? Thanks) I am very aware that I will soon be out of radio range. Bill have been there since August 2009 - he will be missed.
3. Today if finally a nice weather day. The sun is shining, the waves are moderate, and the wind is even a little light. I have been wondering if the weather on this trip has been unusual (certainly Chris becoming a Hurricane must be unusual.) This is the second day in two weeks that the weather has actually been nice. I did not expect the parade of bad weather days that I have been experiencing. In fact last night I ran the engine for two hours as the batteries were becoming uncomfortably low. This trip has made me want to put a wind generator on my wish list. At least if the sun isn't shining but the wind is blowing I will be getting a battery charge.
4. Yesterday was the day to try men's souls. In addition to the heavy winds and seas everything, and I mean everything that could have leaked salt water into Reboot leaked. No matter where I sat, no matter where I put things I didn't want to get wet the water came in. I was also reminded that bare feet on a teak and holly floor is like standing on black ice. Except the black ice moves and tries to drop you on your butt. There is nothing to do but wait it out. Once it was over the interior was still wet - the bed, the pillows, etc. Not a fun day.
5. You may have noticed that these missives have been getting shorter and more irregular as I proceed across the Atlantic. That is because it is harder and harder to get a good radio channel to send them. In addition, days like yesterday just leave me exhausted and I have no energy to write. Today is different in that I can send this via internet if I can't get it out by radio tonight.
6. Saw dolphins and sea birds this evening. I have not seen dolphins since Florida, sea birds since a day out of Bermuda. That doesn't mean they have not been there, the weather has not been conducive to long sessions in the cockpit.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

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  1. We are with you Roger, thanks for sending updates - Azores are worth the stop, although a bit touristy now, still inexpensive and lots of stuff to drink.