Friday, June 8, 2012

Long First Night in St. George's Bermuda

As I mentioned in my last blog entry when I arrived in St. George's Harbor the wind inside the harbor was blowing 20 knots.  The weather forecast was for the wind to increase to gale force overnight.  Given my recent experience in dragging anchor and the fact that the mooring area was sufficiently crowded that I could not put out all of my desired scope I was pretty nervous.  I put out as much as I dared and then added the concern of swinging into another boat to my list of frets.  I took out my second anchor (the Fortress) and laid it and its rode out on the deck.  I figured that this time if I dragged I would at least be able to throw a second anchor over the side!
The long and short of it was that I did not drag.  This morning the winds are calm, although we are having rain showers.  The forecast is for improving weather and we may actually see the SUN tomorrow for the first time since I departed Lake Worth.
I was in pretty blue spirits last night. After nine days of passage making I anticipated a landfall with a sundowner and a quiet night.  That was not what I got.  I am very creative thinking about all the things that can go wrong.  I used my creativity all night last night.
"One who would cruise for a lifestyle would choose to vacation in Hell"
With the winds calm and the sun trying to break thru my spirits have been renewed.  The engineer in me is already looking for solutions.
Fair winds and following seas..

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