Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2nd Day Out

Currently around 32 43 N 59 36 W
This is the second day since my departure from Bermuda.
1. Mostly good sailing until hit by a line squall 32 knot winds. Now have 5 to 6 knots. Mostly convective activity from solar heating.
2. Water maker still giving me fits. Worked fine yesterday, would not work today. Fortunately have lots of water on board. But I am going to get this handled one way or another - this has not worked correctly in the 3 years I have owned it.
3. Still about on track for distance covered. Sailing due east to avoid a big low to the NE and adverse winds. If this keeps up I may end up in the Azores as they will be on my track
4. XO is happy or sad depending on the weather. Oh well.
5. Got the gaming computer out today to play a little bit since the Kindle doesn't work. Of course the squall hit about 15 minutes into my game so I stuffed the computer back in a safe place before I dealt with the sails.
6, Could not communicate with Herb (Southbound II) for weather routing but was able to talk to Fred (W3ZU)who patched me thru to Bill (KI4MMZ) for a weather update.
7, Tried to talk to Steve (K9UA) who has been one of my regular ham contacts for all the years I have been cruising. I was very weak and we had difficulty. Then it dawned on me that we are now 1700 miles apart - in the past I have always be heading up or down the coast.
More tomorrow.
Fair winds and following seas.

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