Friday, June 8, 2012

Half Way to Bermuda

It is Monday 4 June and I am a little more than half way to Bermuda.  The first days of the trip have been rain and overcast.  Interestingly the rain has brought very little wind with it.  In fact, wind has been my problem. Too little wind.  I have spent quite  few hours bobbing along at 2.5 to 3 knots in winds of 5 or 6 knots.  The waves rock Reboot around quite a bit so the sails are doing a lot of banging.
I did rig the whisker pole only to have the halyard on the pole break.  The upper part of the halyard is now wrapped around the upper rigging.  I was concerned since it flipped around the forestay that I would be unable to furl the jib but I did get it furled without incident. I raised the main and it was blanketing the jib so I figured better find out now than later.  I still have a single reef in the main as I don't want to risk the top of the main fouling in the halyard that is wrapped around the top of the mast.
The refrigerator went out on the first day.  It blew a fuse.  I had purchased 20 extras just in case only to find out that they were the wrong size.  I was concentrating on the cost per fuse and neglected to notice that I was comparing two different sizes.
With all the rain and being constantly under sail the batteries have gotten low.  Fortunately the low front passed over me and I have a day of bright sunshine.  The solar panels are working away at restoring my batteries.
Position -     N 28 40 W 070 00
Fair winds and following seas (but not too big seas!)

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